• The name of the Society shall be “The Pakistan Physical Society”.


The Pakistan Physical Society will be a professional society of physicists with the following objectives:

      • To promote the development of physics research in Pakistan;
      • To promote physics education in Pakistan;
      • To popularise physics and to promote a wider awareness of physics and its role in technological development;
      • To advise the government on matters related to science and education;
      • To safeguard and promote the interests of the community of physicists.


To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the society will

    1. hold at least one annual general meeting of its members in a year;
    2. organize topical conferences and symposia from time to time;
    3. organize physics workshops for teachers of schools and colleges;
    4. encourage the organization of such activities in various provinces through its local chapters;
    5. seek to establish and strengthen contacts with the larger international physics community;